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News Letter

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dear Customers & Friends Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.59. A big typhoon is attacking from southern part of Japan and Amami Oshima island--where we were staying a week ago, are having a hard rainstorm and all the ships and airplanes are cancelled and many houses lost power. The little island full of pastoral atmosphere is now enduring a storm. We really hope there will not be a serious damage and the typhoon will pass away soon. From September 01, most schools start new semester(it is not a beginning of a new grade. Graduations are in March and new grade starts from April.) Holiday season is over, and we are happy work hard again for listing more fantastic items and serving you for more convenient shopping experience. I always enjoy and get excited to think about the next idea and make new plans of our business.So please expect the evolution of our business. And if you have some idea, we appreciate if you share the idea with us. Today I am going to write about 'fraud'. We imagine all of you may be receiving lots of fake e-mails everyday just as we do. They say, 'Your e-mail account will be expired, unless you update your -----''Your Paypal account need update in this page'. Most of them pretend to and say the e-mails are from ebay or Paypal, and trying to lead us to fake internet page and let us fill in the form with very important information as your credit card numbers and other personal information. E-mails always look as if they are from real ebay or Paypal company, because except the fake form page other information are real. Most of them are fakes, and we only ignore. But rarely they are difficult to know whether the e-mails are real or fake. Sometime we must call directly Paypal and ebay customers service to confirm it is really from them. I assume your will be in the similar situation, and know well about fake e-mails. I come to know those fake e-mails are called 'phishing fraud' in English, and it become serious problem. If you are not familiar with them, please be careful especially delivering your card number, password and other personal information. * Our credit payment site starts from, which is is in the famous VeriSign Trust Network which is guarded by SSL. Please click the Verisign mark to verify the site. You will find the name of our card processing company 'Zero Entertainment Co., Ltd.'. Also in the auction, unfortunately lots of frauds are done. For examples, there exist sellers, who are going to drive up the bidding prices by frauds. They use the multiple IDs, and bid their own items to bid up the prices. I notice that such type of frauds are less in ebay than in yahoo auction in Japan. ( Yahoo auction is the most popular internet auction in Japan.) I often hear that some sellers use multiple IDs, or bid each other among sellers. In a way antique business seems to be considered as 'self-responsibility' trade, their guilty feeling seem to be very slight. They set the starting price very very low, and gather many bidders. Of course some items are bid up to moderate prices ( or become too expensive compared with market price), and they need to do nothing. But often the price don't bid up to the amount they expected, so they bid their own items with other ID, or ask friends to bid. Not only in the internet, but also in the real world this type of frauds are done often. At kimono dealers auction, we must be always careful about this type of frauds. Sometime seller and one bidder ( his friend ) plan to bid up the price before the bidding. They aim an expected buyer, and bid up the price as high as possible. It is incredible, but sometimes the auction organizer are included in this type of frauds! I learned that we must loose if the price bid up too high than we expected. If you always win the items you want, you will be easily trapped. In kimono dealers auctions, there also are many kinds of trouble. Sellers rarely say flaws of their items, we often fail to buy too damaged items. At the beginning of our business, I often bought damaged maru obi at too expensive prices. Especially the maru obi is old and difficult to know its condition at a glance. Once I bought many uchikake at a action, which were sold by my friends. I bid higher prices than ordinary prices, because they are sold by my friends. But later those uchikake are not my friend's, he was only selling other dealer's uchikake instead of him. I become very very sad to know that my friends and other dealer expected good price depended on our friendship. Some highly quality kimono like Yuki-tsumugi are difficult to know its origin if there is not the certification ( it is added when the textile is not sewn ). I heard that some sellers do something to ordinary tsumugi kimono, to add the Yuki like touch. Sharpie sells such items with say nothing at auct!ions. This time bidders assume ' There is not the certification, but from its touch, it must be Yuki Tsumugi. Seller must not know about it ! Boy! I will win it'. I still recall a con's face to my mind, who took 10,000 from me approx 15 years ago. I was a newly-appointed manager of Japanese table ware. He was a short man about in his 50's. He said he was going to open sushi restaurant in Kyoto, and wanted to buy all table wares for his new shop from us. I was very very pleased to hear his plan, and calculated the incredible sales for one sushi shop. He took me to a restaurant to talk, later I know it was because to avoid to be remembered by other staff. After long long story ( approx during 2 hours I listened and took the memo of his all requests! ), and just after said good-bye each other, he suddenly became panic. 'I must to go to my Uncle's house with condolence money for a funeral. But I seems to lose my wallet! What a predicament!' It was sudden and extremely dramatic. I started to doubt all story might be a lie. But his acting was so serious, I finally lent him 10,000. After that time he called me several times, but he never cam!e to our store and vanished. I reported its story to my boss, and he smiled and gave me 5,000. He had to regret what a fool man he appointed as a manager! The con earned 10,000 for 2 hours' enthusiastic acting, and I paid student's fees of 'life school. I wondered why he could select me, and make fantastic story just fitting me, and know I had to lend money. Anyway, unfortunately there are not many person in this market and in this world, whom we can trust perfectly. I think most important thing is trust--, we must work harder and try to offer more convenient service, which is needles to say but `trust is the the key of all.
Would you trust us perfectly?
Thank you for reading to the end! Today we have listed men's kimono, fukusa, colored tabi and silk bolt. We are very grateful if you could check them. you again! Have a nice summer Sunday! Ichiro & Yuka WadaKimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"
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