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Thursday, July 20, 2006

No 121

Dear Customers & Friends
Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.121.Yuka is writing this newsletter instead of Ichiro-for I was reallyimpressed by the wedding of Sayako san, who used to be a princess Sayakountil last Tuesday, and I wanted to share the story with you.
Sayako san is an only daughter of the Emperor and Empress. and herbrothers, Prince Hironomiya and Prince Akishinomiya were both marriedand have children. Sayako san (36) got married to a commoner YoshikiKuroda (40) who is a civil officer of Tokyo. They knew each other quitea long time, Sayako san knew him as one of her brother's friends.
Sayako san's mother-the Empress was a commoner. Michiko san became theEmpress Michiko, and her daughter who was born in a royal family as aprincess went to the opposite way-- Princess Sayako became Sayako san.It is said that the Empress knew her daughter had to leave the royalfamily sooner or later, so she tried to raise her as an ordinarydaughter for her future life as an ordinary person.Sayako san was working as a research worker of a research institute ofbirds and nature in Tokyo. She quit her job but will continue herresearch.She took a driving lesson, learned how to cook- for her, going shoppingand paying taxes are the things she has never done before. They said shewas worried about `gomi dashi'(how to take out trash properly) and askedall kinds of things and is trying to live as an ordinary person without bothering other people.
Before her wedding there was a traditional ceremony which is to reporther departure from the royal family to the shrine, and she wore Junihitoe(twelve layered kimono), the traditional royal costume from Heianperiod:
The wedding reception was held on November 15th at Teikoku Hotel inTokyo. I was really curious to see what she was going to wear at thereception but it was very different from what we expected. Everyone was surprised and then impressed by Sayako san's decision. At wedding receptions, brides usually wear either uchikake(wedding robe)or furisode(long flowing sleeve kimono) or both with very bright colorsand decorative patterns as far as waso(Japanese style) is concerned.
Sayako san entered in the reception room in a kimono with very soft andgenteel colors not even furisode but it seemed like a houmongi- whichwas unexpectedly quiet as a bride. The kimono looked very nice butpeople must have thought how austere the kimono was.Actually, the kimono was one of the Express's kimono. Sayako san askedher mother to lend her one of her kimono for she wanted to be a womanlike her and she was the one Sayako san respected most. The Empress wassaid to tell her to change her mind, `You are young. Of course I amhappy to let you wear my kimono but why don't you think about it again?'However Sayako san's resolution never changed.I love the photos of the both Emperor and Empress when their onlydaughter entered and came to their table:
You may not believe it but they are the first who attended theirchildren's wedding reception. Royal families never attended weddingreceptions, they attended ceremonies but not the receptions. You can seehow happy they looked and their peaceful smiles are the ones of ordinaryparents. They greeted all the guests stayed until everything was overand thanked and sent the guests off -- it is a natural thing but wasa very unusual thing in the royal family history.
Sayako san said, in the morning of the wedding day,"The empress then hugged me tightly and told me 'Everything's going to be OK,' many times," As a mother, the Empress must have included all her thoughts in thisshort message for her only daughter.I smiled very much to read the Emperor's words to her. He told her totake good care of her husband and the people related to him, and thensaid `ori ori ni irashai' which means, `please drop by from time to time'.
The children used respect language to the Emperor and Empress, and inpublic, we could never see them hug each other or speak frankly eachother but in these short words, we could see their bond and warm caringof each other. Many people lined the streets and wished their happiness. Some peoplesaid, they felt the royal family is now very close to them and theycould never forget the smiles of relief of Sayako san's parents-theycertainly looked different from the faces we see in their public appearance.
Our daughters are 20 and 18, and I found myself sympathizing with theEmpress, and I am sure all mothers must be praying and saying to theirdaughters, 'Everything's going to be OK'.
domo arigato gozaimasu for reading our newsletter.
*We are adding kimono, bolt and the FABULOUS Shima cho, which we introduced in our last newsletter. We will be very happy if you have time to check our new arrivals we are listing in about 5-6 hours.Wishing you a wonderful new week, Ichiro & Yuka WadaKimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"
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