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News Letter

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Dear Customers & Friends
Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.100.(I made it!)One of my dream is making a cappella club in our company, if our company become bigger. I imagine how happy we are if we can sing a cappella in the morning before working hours or at our break. Although I forget the title and author, I loved a short story by an American author. It was the story about a professional baseball player, who loves chorus. He made a chorus team with his team mates, and enjoyed singing. And in spite of the rat race of the pro baseball, he was eager more to keep all parts members, than to make good records in the field.Two years ago, I proposed our staff to make a cappella team, but our staff said that if they had to sing they would quit our job. So I decided to seal my plan until we have enough staffs when there will be some staffs who love singing ( we may have to ask whether they love singing or not at our job interview! ) Singing gives us great cathartic. And what a joy when our voice harmonize! I wanted to sing with my family while driving. Mugi(our younger daughter) can harmonize easily without musical score and practice, so I imagined how fun if we could harmonize while family long driving. Daughters grow, and recently we rarely have long drive with whole family, so the dream seems to end as only a dream.
In olden times Japanese people had to have more chances to sing and dance. Singing and dancing had to need to give ordinary people cathartic maybe for all countries. Last year we went Amami Oshima Island for the vacation, and I heard fantastic folk songs ( which were sung for visitors.) But we heard that also now Amami Oshima people sing their folk songs frequently gathering in their houses. I feel envious them, because the urban area people already lost their folk songs, and never have chances to sing folk songs with neighbours.
The urban area people get singing cathartic in Karaoke. We hear that the word 'karaoke' become world word, and most people know about the words. ( Is it right? Karaoke is singing with backing machine.) We asked some customers who came to our office whether they like karaoke or not, but majority opinion is singing karaoke is embarrassed and not comfortable.But you may have a chance to go karaoke with Japanese friends, because we often go karaoke box ( or bar ) after drinking parties. We would like to write how to get great applause at karaoke party in Japan.
1) Sing Primly --- You must have ability and lots of practice. If you can sing like professionals, members will be lost in music! You feel you are a star!2) Select songs which everyone know and can roar out a chorus --- members will not mind whether your singing is good or bad. Member will roar out, and party must warm up!3) Select popular duet songs, and name antagonist ---- There are lots of Japanese duet songs in karaoke machine, but we are sorry we don't remember English duet songs which are in machine.4) Change the libretto or spoken text ---- If you change the name of the love song to the name of member you like, you can confess your love at karaoke party! If the song has spoken text, almost always party members anticipate to hear your original text. And if the text is fun, members must raise a cheer! This news letter is 100th. We are very very happy that you read our not-skilled English letters, and sometimes gave us warm comment. Still now I am not good English writer, but writing time become shorter than ever. Sometimes we suffer with looking for theme for newsletters, but once I get a good theme, I enjoy writing. If you are here in Japan, we would like to have a ' 100th Aniversary Karaoke & Dancing Party at ICHIROYA' and invite you!
Anyway you may have a chance to have to sing in karaoke, let's practice karaoke song. In Japanese karaoke machine, most of major songs of Beatles and great films are loaded.I was too happy I felt like I were Gene Kelly- and singing in the rain if I could! It is a rainy season here so it is a perfect time!Thank you very much, domo arigato gozaimasu to all of you to let me continue this newsletters up to now.
We will be adding men's kimono, Maru obi, Fukuro obi, and bolts in about 5 hours.We hope you can enjoy browsing our new arrivals. Have a great new week!


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