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News Letter

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hello from Japan! This is Ichiro, from Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.64 . ICHIRO breaks season hits record! It is a greatly cheerful news for us Japanese, and proud of him.Here is a CNN news about his record below. As I wrote in previous mailnews, my name is same as him, and specially grateful for us.
We hope we could offer more convenient and smooth transaction always, as Ichiro does at his baseball matches.We are planning and preparing some modification to our site now, and we will be able to launch near future. We also are trying to modify the color display in these days. Sometimes displaying the real color of the textile is very difficult.We have been trying many methods, and went to the current method. We use only one kind of digital camera, and standardize the lighting and camera setting. And after taking pictures, our photo shooting staffs modify the colors if the colors are different from real colors. Our staff are very skilled, and visitors always are astonished to see their speed of modifying the colors with Photoshop. But some colors are still difficult to be modified even if we take long time working with Photoshop. Among all colors 'purple', 'red', 'dark green',and some pale colors are especially difficult. I have been trying to write the colors in descriptions, hoping it would help to imagine the real color, and if some customers search a particular color, they will be able to search from 'keyword search'. Once we thought it must be useful, if we added the real color number from color chart, like Pantone products. B!ut we found that it took too long time to search the similar color from huge colors chart. These days we select color names from one of the ordinary color chart book. But of course the problem of color displaying is not resolved completely. We have been thinking we need more innovation about colors. Once we tried more expensive ( high-end ) digital camera, but color problem couldn't be resolved. One we bought a new software, which says ' modify the digital photo colors completely at a glance'. We were very very excited and tried, and found that we only lost money. And now we started to add HTML color code to our description. Colors which are displayed through internet can be determined by this code. But this colors also will not be displayed correctly by some browsing PC. But if the PC can display the correct colors of HTML codes, HTML number will be good help to convey the real colors. We added Pantone color's numbers in several items, but we are still thinking about it. To write the definitely similar color number of Pantone, we will have to take more time, and! to know the what color it indicates, customers will also need Pantone color chart and take time to check them. This problem has two sides - we need photo with real colors, and we must display them through internet by different condition of displays. And there also is a efficiency problemin our side. This problem will be not be able to resolved soon, but we would like to keep trying. If you have good idea, please let us know.
Today I planned to write about 'Manzai'. When I looked for a dictionary 'Manzai' translated 'comic backchat', but I don't know its word is right or not. Manzai is the Japanese short comedy show ordinarily performed by two persons. Ordinarily one person is called 'boke', and another person is called 'tsukkomi'. Boke is the roll of fool('boke'), and speaks funny things. And tsukkomi speaks with common-sense way, and tsukkomi reply commonly ('tsukkomu') more, and pull out more funny reply from 'boke'.Ordinary manzai played about five minutes, and if the performance is good, audience become hilarious throughout the show. Show looks as if they speak with extemporization, but they plan their talk carefully and do the exercise again and again. Some customers must know Takeshi Kitano, a respected filmmaker who won the the Cannes Film Festival prize, but do you know he was a 'boke' of manzai-shi ( person who show manzai )? His manzai had frantic sense, and rapidly became the most popular manzai-shiin Japan. Many comic entertainers and popular personalities are from manzai. Manzai is very popular all over Japan, but here in Kansai ( west part of Japan includes Osaka and Kyoto ) people like it maybe more than people in Tokyo. If Kansai people say some person 'aho'(fool), often imply passion in that word. Students in Tokyo are said to like acting cool, but students in Osaka are said to like doing fool thing and make anyone smile. As a matter of fact, Yuka is manzai mania. She also love impersonating show, and our family often had to watch manzai or impersonating show at night.Recent favorite of her is 'Waraimeshi'( if translate this word, 'Smiling Rice' - no normal meaning). I also think they are performing a epoch-making manzai. As I wrote above,ordinarily there are rolls of 'boke' and 'tsukkomi', but they change the rolls rapidly again and again through their shows. So ordinary we can only enjoy the one kind of 'boke' by one person, but Waraimeshi gives us two unique kind of 'boke' styles in a show. It is really a revolution of manzai, and they get great laugh again and again throughout their show! I will never be astonished, one of them will become a filmmaker, who exceed Kurosawa. For making manzai needs a careful and well-made plotand trick to make people burst into laugh. Just like rakugo storyteller (traditional Japanese sit-down comedy --comic storyteller), Manzai is one of the popular thing which are loved by many Japanese.
Tonight I will go to Niigata by a sleeper train. Today we have listed many kimono sampler bolts and unique men's kimono. We are very happy if you could check them. Thankyou again for reading to the end. I will get lots of charming items in Niigata, and list them soon at our site!
Today's New Arrivals:
Have a lovely brand new autumn week!Ichiro & Yuka WadaKimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"
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